We connect elderly with their families through video calls.

Let's cut distances shorter and bring our loved ones closer — so that no family gathering would go without grandparents.

Why we do it?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, retirement homes are closed for visits.
There are 195 retirement homes in Estonia
Almost 10 000 elderly people can’t meet their loved ones.
Their basic relationship needs are unfulfilled, their mental health is in danger

We announced a new product!

The pilot will run in 3 retirement homes in different parts of Estonia to test our idea. Pilot results will become available Feb 2021.
Kaarepere Pansionaat, Jõgeva county Current situation: 35 clients, 1 tablet (not in use), weak wifi signal. None of the clients have smartphones.
Kilingi Villa, Pärnu county Current situation: 40 clients, 1 Ipad 2 that does not work, weak wifi signal. None of the clients have smartphones.
Käru Südamekodu, Järva county Current situation: 95 clients, 1 tablet (not in use), weak wifi signal, none of the clients have smartphones.

How we do it?

We collect tablets, e-readers and headphones

The equipment donated by you must be in working order, preferably empty of personal information and not older than 2 years.

We upload communication apps, audio- and e-book options

Devices will be swiped clean by our IT partner Foxway and they will add necessary communication apps (Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom) and apps for e-books and audiobooks.

We add customer support and user training

Our partners will organize online training courses for the staff of nursing homes. We’ll train a few people from each home and give them toolpack to teach other staff and support the elderly.

We’ll also have online IT-assistance by our partner so retirement homes would not have to worry about tecnical issues.

We donate devices to retirement homes

The collected devices will be handed out to elderly homes (1 per 10 residents) via our trusted partners at Omniva and Bentte.

We let elderly meet their families and friends again through video calls

We will create a modern and smart communication possibility for the elderly to reduce loneliness and isolation and help people meet through video calls.

How are we doing?

There are approx 195 nursing homes for elderly people in Estonia with approx 9735 clients living there. They are all waiting for you to make a move!

Devices donated
Still missing

Want to help?

If you wish to help in any other way, please contact us

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